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Brand identity plays a vital role in your stability. We provide you with the best brand identity services in Egypt. Starting by competitive analysis to understand current market trends. Doing our research to be fully aware of your target audience insights. Blending concepts to create your unique logo from scratch.
It’s time to create a strong impression. and Retaining loyal customers and appealing to new segments. and Building your reputation with visuals that perfectly portray your values.

We create a full style guide, color scheme, typography, image styles, brandmark, and finally your brand marketing strategy. To be adapted on whatever platforms or marketing online, offline tools.

So, stand out of the crowd and differentiate your brand from competitors. Through building your unique, strong brand identity. With “MA Projects” team.


Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We offer a wide range of corporate identity designs and full graphic design services to assist businesses in establishing their brand positioning in their target industry.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Show off your brand’s personality with a custom digital agency logo designed just for you by professional designers.

Full Stationery Designs

Full Stationery Designs

Your company stationery is part of your corporate items. Whether you need business cards, brochures, covers, banners to match your company’s brand.

Product Design

Product Design

We design beautiful and usable digital products with expert product design services and transform ideas into successful products that delight aesthetically and succeed commercially.



We will ask you questions about your history, audience, and future goals.


Research the industry, competitors, history. Define the new brand strategy, outlining positioning, messaging, and brand voice.


Here the brand’s identity is created including the logo, font system, and color palettes.


We Present the shortlisted work including the logo, font system, and color palettes.


We Deliver files, style guides and provide support for building your brand.


We believe in providing affordable branding services to all. Hence, here we have for you some great branding packages to choose from.

Logo Design

3500 EGP

Product Design

2000 EGP

Half Identity

6000 EGP

Full Identity

15000 EGP